Monthly Archives: December 2013

Disney and Country Music can mess up a girl!

Growing up as a girl in the South, I was read many fairy tales. Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty were my role models. I thought that Prince Charming was going to come up on his white steed and rescue me. Later came Beauty and the Beast, and Belle became my favorite! Really, a home […]

Confessions of an extreme planner

I admit it. I like control. I guess I should say I like to feel in control. I plan and plot out my day and the rest of my life 20 times a day. I try to organize new people and events into this ever-evolving plan, but mentally it can be exhausting to constantly reorganize. […]

How Would You Act This Out?

I am in a Christmas musical at church. It is a really sweet and funny story, and I am so blessed to be a part of this very talented group. It has been an interesting time because of the serious subjects that are included in this humorous play. Our main character faces severe, sudden grief […]

Let us love

I just heard the news that a friend passed away recently, and it took me by surprise. He was a wonderfully loving, warm, gracious, and kind gentleman that I was always eager to see even though our political and social views may not have been any more different. There are some who may not express […]