Disney and Country Music can mess up a girl!

Growing up as a girl in the South, I was read many fairy tales. Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty were my role models. I thought that Prince Charming was going to come up on his white steed and rescue me. Later came Beauty and the Beast, and Belle became my favorite! Really, a home with an inexhaustible library? Yes, I know that she was a prisoner in the castle, but to me that was beside the point. All those shelves of books that I imagined to be filled with A W Tozer, Philip Yancey, Phillip Keller, Brannon Manning, Elizabeth Elliot, Beth Moore, and Max Lucado were calling to my heart.

Then there are incredible lyrics to country music. One of my favorites talks about how us girls dream of being rescued and living happily ever after. The chorus says something like “I can love you like that. I can make you my world, move heaven and earth if you were my girl. I would give you my heart, be all that you need, show you you are everything to me. If you give me a chance, I can love you like that.”

That sounds great from a secular viewpoint, but it definitely does not fit a biblical viewpoint. I don’t want a man where I am his world. That would be too small of a world for either of us to live in. A guy cannot be all that I need either. Only God can be that. Else, there is way too much pressure.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in a happily ever after, but it will only come once I am in heaven with the Lover of my soul, the One who truly knows everything about me and chose to die for me. Until then I know to not look for another person to “complete” me.

So, we will see how things go in my current relationship as we ride along in his pickup and listen to all kinds of music, including country music. It is nice to not have the pressure and to discuss how God is the only one who truly fulfills our lives and hearts. He wrote me today that he is looking forward to see what a God has in His plans for us this year. My heart melted at that text because I can tell his focus is God-centered. I would rather have that than ALL the fairy tale and country music lines in the world.


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