I have often heard that the older you get, the faster your life seems to fly by. When I was much younger, I thought this was such a silly statement, but now I see the truth in the perception.

Life seems to get busier and makes our time appear to go much quicker. In all this increasing speed of time, God is teaching me to rest in the seasons of my life. I wish I had taken time to enjoy earlier seasons more since they passed so quickly without as many photos and mementos to commemorate them.

I remember really loud and active Thanksgivings and Christmases with my family when after awhile all I was wishing for was quiet. How I would love to have all of my family back together again like that, but time flies by and seasons change.

This past Thanksgiving I was planning a nice quiet weekend at home. Since most of my family lives out of the area, I was settled in on having some time to be quiet and be thankful on Thanksgiving. When great friends would ask me to come join their families for Thanksgiving, I felt compelled to tell them that for this Thanksgiving, I was going to spend a quiet one at home. I even told a few that although I do not know what my future holds, I felt I needed to really enjoy this season of solitude since it may change at any moment.

So many changes have happened in my life since Thanksgiving this year, but I am paying more attention to the changes. I am learning to watch for God in the seasons that are and the seasons that have passed.

Tracing His hand and purposes is a great way to “sight see” through my life while learning to trust that He is sovereign. Sovereign. What an amazing word! That one word means so much to me as life continues.

No season is forever. As sure as Spring follows Winter and Summer follows Spring, things will change in my life, whether or not I feel prepared for the changes.

Accepting God’s goodness regardless of my current circumstances helps me remember that there are seasons to be treasured for the memories or embraced for the lessons. My prayer is to see God in all the seasons.


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