This May Not Be About Me

Do you ever go through times when you cannot figure out what God is doing in and with your life? I am right now going through one of those times, but out of the blue I just caught myself saying “this may not be about me” when speaking with a friend. I am facing a valley that is very uncertain and unavoidable so far. I have tried to stay away from this valley for many, many years, but the situation has become necessary.

As I face this valley, I know that God is holding onto me so tight, even when I feel my grasp is very unsure. I try to tell myself to hold onto Him, but either way He has me.

He has me in the palm of His hand, and He wants me to share my faith and belief, even in facing this valley. So, here I am, a little over a week away, and I know that He has a purpose.

Today when I was facing some of the steps for my pending valley, I got a chance to encourage a Christian in her desire to grow in God’s word and to tell someone else about Jesus’ love for them.

Maybe this valley has nothing to do with me. Maybe this valley is God’s way of getting me to someone else who needs encouragement or to learn that the great God who created the whole world loves them and wants a relationship with them.

Maybe this is not about me at all, but it is all about me letting God use me to fulfill His purpose. There is huge comfort in facing this valley that it is about obedience and faithfulness, and He will take care of all the obstacles that may come my way.

This is all about God getting His deserved glory and me sharing Jesus.


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