Something to talk about?

I recently sat at an event in front of a young lady where I was astonished at how much she talked – about everything! It was a casual atmosphere with lots of noise, so most people could not hear her, but I was truly amazed. I thought this young lady was shy and sweet, but nothing coming out of her mouth was pleasant. As I listened to her, I was convicted of my own sin.

How many times have people overheard my jabbering and could not find Jesus in any of it? How many people have I offended by my constant chatter? What did my words say about the condition of my heart?

Wow, I am so sorry to all who have had to listen to my verbal barrage. I ask forgiveness to all who have heard ugliness coming from me. More than anything, I ask God’s forgiveness for so many hurtful and useless words.

I need to T.H.I.N.K. before I speak so to be much more encouraging and less distracting to how and Who I want people to hear when I speak.


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