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What Just Happened??

In a brief moment, things in your life can blow apart with no way of repair. This is the anniversary of one of those moments. You try to play by the rules, be loyal and fair, keep your head down and keep swimming (keep swimming, keep swimming), but then the unfair happens. You did not […]

A Fresh New Start

Anyone else ready for a fresh new start? 2018 has been one of the __________ years, and I am leaving that blank there on purpose because there are too many adjectives that could be placed there. Between health challenges, job changes, lost friendships and other unexpected events, it has been a roller coaster year. I […]

Letting Fear Creep In

Have you ever taken on someone else’s fear? I was discussing with friends a difficult situation that we had prayed over and felt God leading in a specific direction when our friends started telling us their concerns about our situation. And as the conversation continued, I started to take on those fears. My heart and […]

Something to talk about?

I recently sat at an event in front of a young lady where I was astonished at how much she talked – about everything! It was a casual atmosphere with lots of noise, so most people could not hear her, but I was truly amazed. I thought this young lady was shy and sweet, but […]

We plan, but…

I am a planner. I have written lists, and I have mental lists. I try to stick to the plan, but I find God usually has a different and better plan. Going though purchasing mine and my hubby’s first home together has brought this more clear than ever. I can’t tell you anything that I […]

Tired does not always equal sleepy

And exhausted (dog tired) does not equal sleepy, at least in my world. The longer I dwell in the land of insomnia, I am finding more and more people who are also struggling with the wish of a natural good night’s sleep. The other night, I was telling my sweet and wonderful husband how tired […]

Insomnia and Trusting God

The last 15 months has been a time of trusting God in ways I never imagined and leaning on the things I definitely know for sure. After a non-related surgery on May 1, 2014, I have not gone to sleep on my own. I always thought that eventually my body would get tired enough to […]

This May Not Be About Me

Do you ever go through times when you cannot figure out what God is doing in and with your life? I am right now going through one of those times, but out of the blue I just caught myself saying “this may not be about me” when speaking with a friend. I am facing a […]

Thanksgiving Memory

(originally published Nov 24, 2011 on Facebook) As I sit here at 4pm on Thanksgiving, I can’t help thinking about how grateful I am that God gave me my amazing Daddy. My Daddy was not a great speaker, a wealthy man, or a successful businessman, but I have never known anyone who was more respected […]


I have often heard that the older you get, the faster your life seems to fly by. When I was much younger, I thought this was such a silly statement, but now I see the truth in the perception. Life seems to get busier and makes our time appear to go much quicker. In all […]