Growing up as a girl in the South, I was read many fairy tales. Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty were my role models. I thought that Prince Charming was going to come up on his white steed and rescue me. Later came Beauty and the Beast, and Belle became my favorite! Really, a home […]


I admit it. I like control. I guess I should say I like to feel in control. I plan and plot out my day and the rest of my life 20 times a day. I try to organize new people and events into this ever-evolving plan, but mentally it can be exhausting to constantly reorganize. […]

I am in a Christmas musical at church. It is a really sweet and funny story, and I am so blessed to be a part of this very talented group. It has been an interesting time because of the serious subjects that are included in this humorous play. Our main character faces severe, sudden grief […]

I just heard the news that a friend passed away recently, and it took me by surprise. He was a wonderfully loving, warm, gracious, and kind gentleman that I was always eager to see even though our political and social views may not have been any more different. There are some who may not express […]

From my many years of caring for my pets, I am still surprised when I have to step over or around a furry critter to get to the kitchen sink and fridge area. Although I often question their intelligence, they have figured out that good stuff comes from that area. My newest girl runs to […]

Have you ever felt hemmed in? I know God has me helpless in in an area of my life, and it is comforting and tough at the same time. I know that is a contradiction, but the feelings I am experiencing are contradictions. It is kinda like when I take my cat to the vet. […]

Do you ever have a tremendous moment in your life, but you don’t know exactly the lesson that God is trying to teach you? A few days ago, I was sitting in my favorite chair with my bowling-ball sized kitty, Willow. She was enjoying lounging on my left leg while I watched TV. This is […]

Have you ever known that you experienced a God wink? You may not be familiar with that term, but I use that term to explain a time where you know that God knows. He may be showering you with a special blessing that only you understand the significance, or He shows you His sense of […]

A few years ago, I was in prayer meeting at my church preparing to pray for the unsaved, the unloved, and the hurting. That one Wednesday night, I was one who was in deep pain. As the prayer requests were being shared, I could not get my mind off myself due to the helplessness and […]

A dozen or so years ago, my church’s singles group headed to The Cove, the beautiful Billy Graham Training Center in the mountains of NC for a singles conference. It was an annual event for our group, and we were excited for the teaching, scenery, and seeing friends from previous years. There were plenty of […]