Thanksgiving Memory

(originally published Nov 24, 2011 on Facebook)

As I sit here at 4pm on Thanksgiving, I can’t help thinking about how grateful I am that God gave me my amazing Daddy. My Daddy was not a great speaker, a wealthy man, or a successful businessman, but I have never known anyone who was more respected and loved. He was a quiet, gentle giant who was the kindest person I have ever known. During the last years of my Daddy’s life, he became such a believer in God hearing and answering our prayers. Each day he spent at least an hour praying for his family, friends, church, and other needs. After my Daddy joined the Prayer Room ministry at Englewood Baptist, he was faithfully in the Prayer Room each Thursday from 4-5 pm in addition to his hour that he spent at home in prayer. If he missed a Thursday in the Prayer Room, the church staff would call to find out what hospital he was in. I remember planning Thanksgiving meals for the family and him saying that he would be at the supper after 5 pm. Even his favorite holiday did not interrupt his time with God and his desire to fulfill his commitment.

My Daddy did not always walk closely with God. It was not until his heart bypass surgery in 1990 that he decided it was time to really live for God. He realized how much Jesus had done for him, and he wanted to honor that love. He wanted to finish well, and that he did. At his funeral, so many people came up to us and told us they had never known a finer man than my Daddy. Having had a front row seat to his life, I know that his life was evidence of his character.

Over the years since He went to heaven, his example of faithfulness and belief that God heard his prayers have encouraged me on so many occasions. “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” James 5:16 I remember telling my Daddy about situations that needed God to intervene, and then hearing later how God had “shown up and out”. I am so thankful for my Daddy’s example.


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